Signature Flavors

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Why we use the spices we do?

Our protein rich nut mixes get even better when roasted and flavored with beneficial spices like turmeric, rosemary and cinnamon. Such beneficial spices can help reduce inflammation, stabilize blood sugar, improve memory and concentration and even suppress cravings for sugary snacks. You can eat them alone or add to salad, soup or any sautéed vegetable.

Cinnamon- stabilizes blood sugar, help circulation, suppresses sugary snack cravings.

Turmeric - anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory.

Cayenne - metabolism booster.

Rosemary - helps with memory and concentration.

Cardamom - helps with digestion. 

Cumin -- the second most popular spice in the world behind black pepper.  It was once used to pay taxes.