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All of our ingredient partners are small farmers or cooperatives who hold commitments to environmental stewardship by paying their staff a fair wage and using organic and non-gmo farming practices.

The majority of our recipes contain ingredients that are certified organic or non-gmo, with the exception of the candy cane crumbles in our Cocoa Mint blend.

We participate in a rigorous annual certification process with the Non-GMO Project, during which time the auditors review the sources of all of our ingredients to verify their organic or non-GMO certification.

Our new pouches are made from post consumer recycled content, which means they are made using recycled materials that are repurposed into alternative use, like packaging. At this time there isn’t an option for our pouches to be recycled. But once the industry makes more changes, we will make the shift.

In an effort to reduce the 82% unemployment rate in adults with disabilities, we are committed to building relationships with community service partners. They provide job coaches to support our new employees with disabilities, who make up more than half of our staff.