*Our responsibly sourced nut mixes make the perfect back to school, back to work snack or gift*

About us

The Story of Healing Food -

The story begins with my grandfather, Isadore Rosenfeld, our family's original health food "nut." Isadore adored a good story, and the one he loved to tell was asking for organic foods in the 50s and no one knew what he wanted. But he knew the secret of real food is in its power to heal. He passed the importance of clean eating down to my dad, my dad to me and me to my girls. 

In honor of my grandfather we turned delicious, real food into award-winning snacks, and gifts which are lovingly hand made by people of all abilities in Golden Valley, MN.

We are committed to transparency. We find the best quality nuts and seeds and can trace them back to small growers. Our cashews and walnuts are organic, and our non-gmo pecans come from Miller Pecan Company in OK. A company committed to environmental stewardship.

Also, real food means more flavor. We use healing ingredients like fresh rosemary for memory and concentration, cumin seed for digestion and turmeric which fights disease in the body. We take protein rich nuts and seeds, healing spices and mix in just a touch of local maple syrup - the result is an explosion of flavor equaling the best tasting nuts. All our mixes are vegan, gluten free, soy and refined-sugar free.

Today, not only do we offer a nourishing product. But we make our hiring choices based around supporting and nourishing our community. I became an inclusive employer in 2018, focused on hiring people with disabilities and trying to reduce the 80% unemployment rate in the disability community.  

Today half our staff are people with disabilities. The other are women, people of color and immigrants. We give people the chance to learn new skills, and accomplish their goals by giving them a job. And we call it out on our packaging so other companies will follow suit.

It's a simple concept, we all just want to be valued and able to contribute to society.  We're focused on nourishing our community with food and employment. We're making a difference, one bag at a time.